Easter Sunday is a massive occasion in the Greek community, and if you are either from Greek heritage yourself or you wish to sample some of the delights of Greek cuisine during the most important holiday on the Greek calendar, you should seek out a local Greek restaurant in London to help you enjoy the time. Easter brings all of the family together, with massive meze for the entire group to enjoy over a casual few hours at a time. There really is no other day like Easter Sunday in a Greek household, and the best authentic London Greek restaurants and Greek takeaways can certainly help you feel part of the party.

This year, Easter Sunday falls on 19th April, and it promises to be as big a feast as ever before. Those of you who are hungry, you are in for a treat, with Greek traditions meaning that there is always a massive platter of food on the table for you and your loved ones during the Easter celebrations. It really is the biggest and most looked-forward to date on the Greek orthodox calendar.

A special menu is devised for Easter Sunday, and in every town and village throughout the mainland and the islands (as well as in the best Greek restaurants in London) you’ll find that there is a traditional meat that has been roasted on a spit – this is often either lamb or goat. The meat is stuffed with delicious herbs, rice, and other fillings of your choice, and with tasty sides of fresh salads and dips, roasted potatoes, and souvla platters, there is a lot of Greek food to salivate over.

Classic Greek Easter sweet treats include koulourakia, tsoureki (a classic tradition, this sweet bread is always service over Easter), as well as desserts made with goats cheese, rose water, cinnamon and honey. A delicious pudding is a fantastic way to end out a meal that you have shared with your loved ones.

One thing that is always tasty is an accompanying Greek drink. You’ll often find a few glasses of Ouzo are sipped on throughout the day, but you should also be aware that some of the finer Greek restaurants in London will have access to amazing ranges of Greek wines. With such a great variety, there is always a Greek wine that can be expertly paired with your meal during Greek Easter.

How can you deprive yourself of some of the tasty lamb, souvla platters and meze that you’ll get to experience when you head on down to your local Greek restaurant in London? There is so much to enjoy about Easter Sunday in the Greek community, and in London you’ll find some truly authentic Greek restaurants that serve up delicious Hellenic cuisine as close to the real thing – following recipes handed down by the mothers and grandmothers in the family. It’s a great time to be involved in such a joyous occasion, and the food platters that you’ll encounter will be like nothing you have ever seen – delicious, fresh, and respectful of Greek culinary traditions.

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