Cats need meat in their diet to survive. On the other hand, dogs can survive on carbs and meat fats. Dog food came into being in the late 19th century and cat food in the mid-20th century. In those years, corn, wheat and soy were used in the dry food for years to make the diet stable and consistent. These ingredients were mostly used at that time. The use of novel starches like potato or tapioca have also been used. The canned food was still prevalent in the World War II when the tins were rationed and processed pet food was not deemed a necessity. In the year, 1946, the dry formulas were then used and it took over 85 percent of the market. Nowadays, the benefits of having canned cat food online is that it retains the moisture, the protein content and lower levels of carbohydrates.

When it comes to choosing cat food, you need to look at three factors, the quality, recipe, and manufacturer. Quality means it must contain no by-product or no unspecified proteins or fats. Also, consider that it must contain no added dyes or colorant as these are useless and are found in cheap cat food which is manipulated to look like real meat. If the ingredients read animal protein, it means that it could be any animal’s meat like a mouse’s or an elephant’s. You just cannot guess. So, be wary of that too. As aforementioned, many tend to manipulate the pet food to look like plain greens or real meat.

When seeing meat in cat food, always check the quality but no b- product as the very first ingredient. Always keep in mind that cats are carnivores. So meat and fat must always be included in the first five ingredients. If it is not, then the cat food is not worth it. When choosing cat food that contains grains, then seek something other than corn, soy or wheat. It is always a good idea to know that the manufacturer selling this product has also invested in their ingredients and made it themselves. If it bears their name on the product, from buying the raw materials to putting it on the shelves, then it is all worth it.

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