If you love tacos and don’t mind trying beyond the ordinary, Arizona is your ultimate destination. Taco experts here have experimented with almost every idea you may think of. Restaurants in and around Phoenix are famed for their twisted tacos, each one with a distinct flavor of its own. You can even take part in the Arizona Taco Festival, which is scheduled in October, and promises to be the ultimate party for taco lovers. If you are looking for odd taco choices, here is a list you cannot afford to miss.

  1. Fish tacos

While the state is far away from the ocean, there is no dearth of fresh fish here. The basic fish taco often has options like mahi-mahi, which is a local favorite. Restaurants have come up with different variants, but nothing beats seasoned fish, often with select sauces or just basic ingredients.

  1. Tacos de Lengua

Definitely not for the squeamish, Tacos de Lengua consists of cow tongue. Your just read that right. Contrary to what many of us may believe, the meat is not at all chewy. Tacos de Lengua is an acquired taste, but worth a try.

  1. Chicken Tacos

Chicken Tacos come in a wide range of options in Phoenix, and literally, almost every other place has its own signature chicken recipe. Chicken is often seasoned with select spices, which can be then topped with veggies of your choice. Chicken Tacos in Arizona is all about flavors, and you will find endless choices.

  1. Potato Tacos

We understand that not everyone is a fan of meat, but in Arizona, you will find plenty of vegan and vegetarian taco options. The basic potato taco is not just creamy, but also extremely full of select flavors. Restaurants often take their own take on the dressing, and with tons of cheese, this is one carb-bomb for every foodie!

  1. Al Pastor Tacos

Lastly, let’s talk of a local favorite. Al Pastor Tacos consists of pork, sliced thinly and then seasoned with chilis and pineapples. You can top your tacos with a sauce of your choice. Al Pastor Tacos is certainly a hit among pork lovers, and you should definitely try this with jalapeño sauce.

In Arizona, tacos are a staple for many, and at the upcoming festival, you can celebrate you love for food, and how tacos can be made in so many unique, fun, and flavorful ways.

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