Crab is one of the most loved seafood items throughout the world. Not many people know how to eat a crab in the right way. To eat most healthily and deliciously, we are sharing with you a few tips to eat it in the right way.

Prepare for the Mess

Eating a crab can be a little messy. You need to make arrangements to deal with them before you start to enjoy it. All you need is to get plenty of newspaper, or paper napkins to stay clear off the mess.

For the preparation, you would require a paring knife, a bowl to collect empty shells, a mallet, and a cutting board for protecting the table against any potential whacks. A heavy one would be ideal for a family. Keep some melted butter ready to make it more tempting.

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Open the Shell

Place your chosen piece of crab on its back with the belly up. Now slide a knife below the “apron” that looks like the “the Washington Monument” if the crab is male. On the other hand, if it is female, then it appears to be the United States Capitol.

Once done, pull it in the backward direction and discard the remaining. Now turn the crab while holding its bottom, and insert the knife in between its shells. Twist a little to detach the back shell of the crab and expose its inner cavity.

Remove those inedible sections

Remove the lung region that looks spongy, and gray with the help of the knife. You can even use a spoon to do it. Also, remove “the hepatopancreas” organ from it that appears to be yellowish-brown in color. As long as the crab is obtained from noncontaminated waters, it is safe to eat.

Butterfly the Body

Once you have taken out the inedible sections from the crab, it is now the turn to break your crab in two halves using your hands. You can also cut it from the center with the help of the knife to break it into two equal parts. After doing this, take the meaty morsels out from the crab using your fingers.


Crab is one of the most sought-after delicious foods that become safer and tastes even better when you follow these tips.

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